Galloway School Visit to Stewart Detention Center in GA

This week I had once again the humbling experience of visiting Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin GA, as one of the accompanying adults for a group of fourteen to eighteen year old kids from Galloway School. Once a Year the students get a three week extracurricular list of activities and among them there is one dedicated to social issues. Part of their activities for this particular group is to visit one of the largest immigrant detention centers in the U.S.

As hard as it to witness the reality of the inmates, It is also very comforting to see so many people invested in their mental and physical well-being. Seeing this group of kids being exposed to this harsh reality and listening to their thoughts makes me truly hopeful.

With their permission, I was able to record some of their thoughts after their visit at EL Refugio, a non-profit organization which mission consist of providing a free and safe space for families visiting inmates from all corners of the E.U. at Stewart.

If you feel compelled to help with this human crisis, please reach out to EL Refugio at They certainly need all the help with can give them.

Santiago ParamoComment