Hello friends, It makes me very happy to share with you the following Mixtape featuring some of my favorite moments from CINEBASH 2018. It was truly a pleasure to have experienced such a special evening. Not only it was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the fascinating work of Saul and Elaine Bass, Film and Design, but also a chance to collaborate with a phenomenal group of individuals who were extremely passionate about making sure we all had a memorable event. I specially want to acknowledge the work of Production Designer Danny Davis and that of multidisciplinary artist Amy Pursifull, with whom I conceptualized and built my DJ Booth as homage to the title sequence of "The Man with the Golden Arm". I am beyond grateful to The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival for trusting in my ability as a Musical Curator for this magical evening and to you, our guests, for supporting them and allowing their great work to continue enriching and inspiring our lives. I hope you enjoy the following sounds. Till next time.

Kindly, Santiago Páramo.

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