CINEBASH 2018 - Mixtape

Hello friends, It makes me very happy to share with you the following Mixtape featuring some of my favorite moments from CINEBASH 2018 at The Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center. To learn more about this magical evening visit the Projects and Journal sections of my website. Enjoy!

A Long Overdue DJ SET from a Humid Summer in GA
As usual, here is wide variety of music from artist such as Bossacucanova, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and many more. Enjoy!

Stop Making Sense Vol. 1
 Here is an hour of music featuring artists like Poncho Sanchez, Osunlade, Buika, Olu Dara, Ketama and many more. Enjoy!

Stop Making Sense Vol. 2 
In this edition I take you on a musical trip around the world featuring artist like Idan Raichel, Jose James, DJ Sabo, The Greenwood Rhythm Coalition and many more.  

In the mood for dancing? Here is a very eclectic mix of sounds presented by my friend Andy Warhol, who believes painting is just an excuse to listen to really good music. Enjoy!

The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years is a Mixtape that I created for Moving In the Spirit for a series of contemporary dance performances, in which young dancers play homage to the life of musician and activist Stevie Wonder. In it you will hear many of Stevie's great songs, as well as different sound bites that I gathered from various interviews and TV appearances that he made over the years. Enjoy!

Christmas Mixtape
Here is a Christmas mixtape to put you in the right mood during the holiday season. If you do not celebrate christmas, happy holidays anyway and/or happy Hanukkah and Joyous Kwanzaa. Enjoy!

Frida y Diego
Here is an interesting mix that I specifically created for the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA during the museum's exhibition of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's work; in collaboration with choreographer Helen Hale, who performed along these sounds. Enjoy!